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With regard to the current situation, the international competition BOOSTER-NR 2021 in playing the electric and bass guitar for the students of music or art schools has been canceled.



BOOSTER NR 2019 (10 May 2019)

About the Competition

BOOSTER-NR is a competition – workshop – concert; it aims to explore – support – inspire. The essential part of the event is a modern interpretative competition part. It is the first Slovak competition in playing the electric and bass guitar for the students of music or art schools. It provides the space for supporting music talents, promotion of children and youth art education and the space for the inspiration of young performers in non-classical guitar music. The competition serves as an opportunity to join the development of talents with the professional music scene by connecting with successful personalities of the Slovak music scene.
Starting with this year of BOOSTER-NR, the competition is open also for international students.


The competition is for the students of music and art schools. The age limit, performance of the compulsory repertoire, submission of an application form and the payment of the entrance fee within the deadline are the requirements of the competition. There is one round in the competition.


  • 1E – electric guitar, students up to 16 years of age
  • 2E – electric guitar, students over 16 years of age (aged 16 included)
  • 1B – electric bass guitar, students up to 16 years of age
  • 2B – electric bass guitar, students over 16 (aged 16 included)

The age of the competitor is counted as of the day of the competition. A competitor who reached 16 on the day of the competition should be signed in the higher category (2E or 2B).


  1. Compulsory piece (by category). See the list of compulsory songs.
  2. A piece of your choice, adaptations, and arrangements are also accepted.

It is recommended to choose the 2nd song in a different character from the compulsory piece. The performance has a time limit of two songs together from 5 to 7 minutes.

Application Form

The participation in the competition is charged with a 20 EUR entrance fee covering the entrance to the competition and a workshop, refreshments, and lunch on the day of the competition. The fee for a teacher/accompanying person is 25 EUR.

You can sign in electronically in cooperation with your teacher here. Afterward, you will receive a confirmation on submission of your application on the teacher's email together with the information for the payment. The application form becomes valid first after the entrance fee has been paid.

In case of technical issues with your application form, please, feel free to contact us on

Professional Committee and Awards

The committee consists of professional artists and pedagogues from art and music schools. The professional committee evaluates the performances of competitors and awards the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in the categories and gives certificates on participation in the workshop. The winners receive material prizes.

The evaluation will also reflect the case when the requirements of the competitions have not been met. In case of an insufficient number of points, the committee has the right to decide not to award some of the places.

Organizer and Announcer of the Competition

The organizer of the competition is Tralaškola, a civil association (občianske združenie) and the Private School Of Performing Arts Tralaškola, Ďurková 18, Nitra.
It manages the preparation of the competition as well as its fluent procedure. It is not obliged to inform the competitors about not meeting the requirements regarding the time limit or the choice of incorrect choice of the repertoire. The performance beyond the time limit shall be interrupted.

The organizer will publish the conditions of the competitions and determines the compulsory pieces of music for particular categories. The signing for the competition will be done electronically on For further information, you can contact the organizer via e-mail: